Talent Test

Unfolding your Talent Blueprint
Hold the Key to Future

Talent genetic test
Genes play important role in defining every individual’s unique characteristics
Character, IQ, EQ, artistic, sport, physical fitness, health, addiction
provides parents with the insight to their children’s inborn talent
offering the most suitable education based on genetic blueprint to develop children fullest potential.

Characteristics of talent test
Comprehensive Coverage
Mental, emotional and physical development
Cover 45 genetic variations in 8 categories
character, intelligence, emotion, artistic/sport talent, health etc
better understanding of their children’s talent and potential.
applicable to children of all ages including newborns

Simple, safe, reliable
Non-invasive. Sample is from buccal mucosa using a cotton swab
sample will be analyzed anonymously by the latest technology in certified laboratories from US
Insightful Report and Counselling
Report include genotype results of 45 group of genets and interpretation
Psychologist write a summary on personal characteristics and future career development
A parenting coach will explain the result and its application

45 Test items
1. Optimistim
2. Risk-taking
3. Persistence
4. Shyness
5. Composure
6. Split Personality
7. Hyper Activity
8. Negative Emotion
9. Impulsive
10. Attentiveness
11. Mould-ability

Emotional Intelligence
12. Affectionate
13. Faithfulness
14. Passion
15. Prosperity for Teenage Romance
16. Sentimentality
17. Sociability
18. Self Reflection
19. Self Control

20. Intelligence
21. Comprehension
22. Analytical
23. Memory
24. Creativity
25. Reading Ability

27. Performing
28. Music
29. Drawing
30. Dancing
31. Literature
32. Linguistic

33. Endurance
34. Sprint
35. Technique
36. Training Sensitivity
37. Tendency of Sport Injuries
38. Sport Psychology

Physical Fitness
39. Height
40. General Wellness

41. Obesity
42. Sensitivity to Second-Hand Smoke

43. Alcoholism
44. Smoking
45. General Addiction

Career Profiling (Example)

Codes R I A S E
Results 0.16 0.43 0.42 0.58 0.25
Top 3 I (3rd) S (2nd)

Career Recommendation: XXXX ______ (CSI)

Accountant, auditor, finance manager, musician, artist, administrative manager, event coordinator, social worker, nurse

R – Realistic I –Investigate
A – Artistic S – Social
E – Enterprising C – Conventional

R- Realistic (Do’er)- Practical, physical, hands-on, tool-oriented, mechanically inclined
Investigate (Thinker) – Analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative
Artistic (Creator) – Creative, original, independent, chaotic
Social (Helper) – Cooperative, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing, teaching
Enterprising (Persuader) – Competitive environments, leadership, persuading, selling
Conventional (Organizer) – Detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

Allergy & Healthy Diet Decode
Know your allergy susceptibility
Strengthen your immune defense effectively

Understanding the root cause, targeted strengthening of the immune defense
many interdependent and overlapping reasons for causing allergic symptoms
EXTERNAL environment
food, outdoors, indoors and chemicals
INTERNAL bodily triggers
skin anti-allergy ability
nutrition and antioxidant deficiencies

Interactions between genes, immune and environment
Genetic makeup influence our response to
external environment
immune and inflammatory responses
susceptibility to specific allergic diseases
nutrition and antioxidant absorption
response to stress

External environmental triggers, we call it ‘allergen’
genetic makeup cause immune response to overreact to something harmless, and making it an allergen
Allergens can be of different varieties, and change with age and with our bodily health.

Skin Anti-Allergy Ability
Skin is the largest organ of our body, the most forefront defense against harmful substances
skin anti-allergy ability
contact skin sensitivity
dermal sensitivity
pollution defense impairment
skin barrier sensitivity
skin antioxidant deficiency
inflammation susceptibility
Understand and strengthen the most forefront defense, thus reducing the risk of allergy

Anti-Oxidant Ability and Nutrition Deficiencies
Appropriate anti-oxidant and vitamin supplement can strengthen our immune system, drain away harmful substance and against inflammation
Different individuals can different ability to absorb nutrition due to our genetic makeup
understanding our inborn tendency in absorption deficiencies, adjust eating habits catering to the deficit, thus reducing the risk of allergy:
Antioxidant elements
glutathione, zinc, coenzyme Q10, lutein and zeaxanthin
lycopene, selenium, iron, calcium, Omega 3 & 6
A, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D, K

Know Our Eating Habits and Personal Risk
Understanding genetic makeup can manage diets and thus so as to have healthy body
Low veggie intake
fat over consumption tendency
sweet snack preference
low protein intake risk
risk from saturated fat
trans fat sensitivity
starch metabolism
salt sensitivity
risk of low metabolic rate